Children's Book Author/Illustrator


Hello and welcome to my page! 
You have probably figured out already that I am an illustrator for children's media. So what else can I tell you?
Well, I grew up in a rural part of Sacramento where we had goats and chickens as pets.  I have wanted to be an artist since I was 9 years old watching Disney movies and playing with my coloring books. 
My dream job was to color all day long, I even wrote a letter to Disney asking if there was a job for that (the answer was no, but they were really sweet and told me what else I could do).  Which totally paid off when I landed my first job out of college with Disney Interactive.  I literally had to draw Disney princesses and create concept art for some of my favorite IPs.

After Disney I decided I really wanted to dive into children's media.  I have two beautiful toddlers that keep me very busy and very inspired to create.  Right now I help write and illustrate books with Kiwico, as well as create educational content for our monthly magazines and other products.

Right now I'm looking for representation as to illustrate books and other media in my own personal style.

If you're interested in my art, I'd love to chat!

- Carlianne (Fenton) Tipsey